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Fundraising for schools with face painting

Recently, I have been dedicating a lot of my time and resources to help schools with their fundraising events. I have to say this is the most rewarding experience. Not only do I get to share my art with parents and kids, but it will also enable them to contribute to their school in the future.

Workshop for Parents/Students

In order to maximize engagement, I offer face painting workshops ahead of the event, so that participants will be able to get training and practice their skills. In order to ensure only safe and reliable supplies are used, as well as to help schools control their overhead, I have been providing all supplies needed. That way, schools can also keep their cost to a minimal and need not worry about overstocking.

Here are primary school classes learning to do glitter tattoo and having fun!

School Fair/ Fundraising Event

Look at my little apprentice in action on the day of their school event- made me super proud and they were extremely excited about the amount of donation they raised. Check out our long line!

I was also painting alongside them and here are some of our lovely kids!

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