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Where to buy face paints for Halloween in Hong Kong

Hi parents. Halloween is only a month away from us and bet your kids are already reminding you about this year's princess or batman costumes.

While costumes are fun, it's a job half done. Every year, the most popular kids (or adults) getting most selfie requests are those who have got their faces painted.

So if you are planning to do your own make up this year, please plan ahead now and order online. Hong Kong has few stores that carry a very limited selection. Your best bets are CN Square in Yau Ma Tei or Art Supplies Professional Ltd. in Mong Kok. Both of these mainly carry the Snazaroo brand. Never ever let your child use acrylic paints, sharpies or crayons to paint on their skin, even if these products claim to be non-toxic. They are not created for skin and can cause rashes and allergies. Also, make sure that only "cosmetic-grade" glitters be used on faces. If they get into eyes, at least you know they will only cause discomfort and won't scratch the cornea.

While Snazaroo is good enough for Halloween, there is actually a world of other brands out there that face painters love (for their colors, application and coverage). Below I list a few of my personal favorite:






MEHRON (This brand has a full line of special effects products, 3D gel and zombie kit etc.; but you probably won't need those)

You may get your order in and expect delivery to Hong Kong within 10 days. So go check out the online stores now. I find these stores offer the best selection and most reasonable shipping charges.

On the other hand, if you want to save the hassle and have your face professionally done before setting out to your party, you may contact us and book a mini appointment with us.

Happy Halloween and Have Fun at Trick or Treat!

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